Panot Végétal - Green walls and roofs : magnify your living spaces!

Key numbers

92 varieties of plants

used for our green walls

5700 m² of green walls and green roofs

performed for our customers

23400 kg of Sphagnum

used with perfection

A controlled substrate

Natural treasure since 245 million years, Sphagnum moss comes originally from New Zealand and is cultivated in Chile, Peru and Madagascar. Its natural properties make it perfectly suited to ensure the sustainability of your green architecture.

A traditional know-how

Formed on its native land, our teams have acquired real expertise in the selection and use of this substrate to develop powerful and environmentally friendly systems.

A natural water tank

Devoid of root system and such a sponge, Sphagnum moss has a great capacity for absorbing water and soil nutrients. Its properties make it a water tank and nutritive essential to the proper development of plants.

A powerful fungicide

Creating an acidic environment, it naturally prevents the development of fungi, parasites and insects ... and strongly decreases the occurrence of plant diseases.

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